Felipe Martínez U, CSI

Colorist · Workflow Designer

Felipe Martínez U - Colorist

Hi, I'm a film colorist with wide experience in remote grading and workflow design. I've worked for commercials, TV series and independent feature films from México, Colombia, Chile, Canadá, France and Argelia. I was the lead colorist of 'Capital Roar', Movistar's Play first premium original series in Colombia. Take a look to my work and let's grade together!


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Let's Grade: felipe@wemco.co | +56 9 3460 3859
Please feel free to reach one of my wonderful agents.

ColombiaJuliana Zuluagajuliana@wemco.co+57 321 641 4277
ChileLuis Cifuentesluis@wemco.co+56 9 8259 9099
MexicoCarlos G. Garcíacarlos@wemco.co+52 477 670 6749
FranceJames Corchuelojames@wemco.co+33 07 85 02 54 81